How to Eliminate Effective Cat Lice at Home

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This time we want to share tips on how to get rid of cat lice in a simple and cost-effective way. This article is to complete the previous discussion about cat lice, small animals but very dangerous for the health of our cats. If only left alone, this louse can make our cat moan in pain due to redness and itching because the surface of the skin continues to be excavated by fleas.

Cat lice or known by the scientific name Ctenocephalides felis are animals that have a complete metamorphosis cycle starting from eggs, larvae, cocoons and adult stages. The cat lice life cycle can last for 1 to 2 ½ months, depending on environmental conditions because the cat flea cycle is very dependent on the temperature and humidity of the surrounding environment.

It is our duty as cat lovers to protect the environment so that our cats are protected from very malignant fleas in sucking this blood. How to get rid of cat lice in this house requires only a little effort and cost. We may need veterinary assistance to recommend prescribing certain drugs for our cats to consume.

There are at least several main ways in which we can eliminate fleas in cats. These three main ways have their own ways and tools according to the needs and conditions of cats. Effective treatment is a treatment that combines these three methods. These three ways of treatment if given together can avoid new lice and new areas of infection, and prevent cat lice from coming back.

Some references that I found stated that the effective way to get rid of cat lice is the use of drugs / topical therapies, supplemented with systemic oral medications and maintaining the cleanliness of the environment in which our cats live.

  • Topical treatment

Topical treatment or what we are more familiar with with the term external medicine is treatment that is done by using certain drugs for external use. This drug is not for consumption because it can make cats poisoned. There are several types of medicines / topical therapies that can be used, including:

  • Anti Lice Shampoo

There are several brands of special shampoo for cats that have an anti-flea formula. I will not mention the brand itself because our focus is not on shampoo products. The most important thing is to read the usage rules and content of the formula. Usually shampoo to eliminate cat lice contains flumethrin, fipronil, and imidacloprid. Sometimes there is a shampoo that is also complete to repel fungi in cats.

  • Telon oil

Many recommend using telon oil to repel fleas because the smell of telon oil is not favored by cat lice. How to get rid of cat lice with telon oil is good, but pay attention to our cat’s habits. If your cat often licks his fur, you should only give a little dab of telon oil. Don’t do too much because it’s not good for cats if swallowed and can cause cat poisoning. It is recommended only to be given to the part that is difficult to lick the cat.

  • Anti Lice Spray

Lice spray can be found easily in pet shops or online stores. For those who use spray from the purchase, please read the usage rules and avoid using the area around the eyes, nose and mouth of the cat. If you want to make your own spray, use apple cider vinegar mixed with water and cat-specific shampoo. Spray the third solution of the ingredients on the cat’s hair which has a lot of curls. This spray is also commonly used to treat scabies in cats.

  • Anti Flea Necklace

For those who have cats with the habit of licking their feathers, it is better to use a louse necklace. How to get rid of cat lice with this necklace is safer and not troublesome. We just put a necklace on the neck. The flea necklace that has this distinctive smell will leave the flea away because it doesn’t like the smell of this necklace.

  • Systemic Oral Medicine

Systemic oral treatment is treatment that is carried out using drugs taken by mouth. How to get rid of cat lice with this oral medication will be effective if followed by external treatment and protecting the environment. Drugs such as nitenpyram pills (Capstar) can kill adult cat lice in 30 minutes. It is important to use a doctor’s prescription for every drug consumed by cats. We cannot guarantee which drugs are good because they can differ from one cat to another.

Protecting the environment

In addition to having to regularly bathe the cat with cat special shampoo. We need to maintain the cleanliness of the environment where the cat is usually located. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean cat lice eggs that are usually on mats, carpets, sofas and floors. These places are habitats where many flea eggs are scattered. By keeping the environment away from flea eggs, we can reduce the breeding of lice in our homes. When a lot of lice die, it is likely that the hair of the cat falls less and less.

How easy isn’t it? if you are a beginner and are still confused with the tips above, you can ask directly in the comments column below this article. That’s all about sharing how to get rid of cat lice, hopefully useful!