Top 10 Xbox 360 Games For Teens (5)

Animal Jam GameAlso Unknown95 is my wiki username not my AJ name. My aj username is not even close to that. And why the phantom menace? I don’t even like star wars. If you need to insult me a minimum of use a reference that I like.Animal Jam Game

Last month you impressed everybody along with your mastery of Basket-Weaving one hundred and one. The good news is that this month you will have oodles of time to have interaction in your favourite pastime, studying dictionaries and encyclopedias in your ablution hut. The dangerous news is that you will have to place up with lids left off boxes, tins and toothpaste and people who transfer your personal issues. Tough widdlytinks!

Thank goodness this birthday babe or boy has harmonious relationships with heffalumps. Unfortunately, the traditional Asian e book of astrology didn’t embrace embrace heffalumps. The good news is that your slave-driving, standing-looking for seagoat behavior, and your tendency to consider that your way is at all times the best, not to point out your love of luxuries and good style means you share one thing in widespread with other weirdos of the universe!

Why animal jam HQ, when did I ever violate the chat system? Or possibly animal jam doesn’t hate me, possibly someone hates me and reported me for no obvious cause, guys this is just like jammer abuse, I by no means stated something to with anything in applicable neither have I stated a nasty phrase or used another phrase that means a nasty word! Well I suppose they said it is just for someday which isn’t unhealthy but, still really annoying! I cannot even jam a gram something until it says Animal Jam Rocks on it! So glad jamming and hope this by no means occurs again.

This isn’t the time to be admiring your marvelous mane within the mirror especially when the world goes to heck in a hand-basket not to point out mayhem and misunderstandings prevail at home and at the office. Frankly, nobody gives a sweet tweet about your majestic leonine appears, and you may overlook about finding anybody prepared to stroke or run their fingers by your curly locks. Mercury’s back on the town, so the best you can do is go it alone and work out whether to put on a advantageous hairpiece or to make your bald head a feature! Hey, things could be worse!