Why is jaguar not kept in a zoo like Lions?

Jaguar is an agile animal, a loner which hunts alone not like lions who hunt in groups. It stays and survives alone.

A big cat family member like tiger and Puma. It is yellow and tan in color, and from reddish brown to black. There are solid spots on its hide and the head is black. It is a carnivorous animal, lives on eating grazing animals.

Jaguar plays an important role in prayers of indigenous people, plays the character role in stories and songs. They feed on deer, snakes, crocodile, and frog, and fish anything they can catch.

The jaguar used to roam about from Argentina to the Grand Canyon in Arizona. It makes its home in forests, rainforests, swamps and pampas grasslands. They are usually found on amazon forests, there are a lot of stories for Jaguar and Anaconda.

Scientists have tried to keep 15,000 jaguars to protect 80 to 120 cats in the mountains of Sonora, Mexico border.

They are solitary animals, live and hunt alone except mating time. The male protects its home and females from other males. The female gives birth to 1-4 kittens. The kittens stay with their mother from 1-1.5 years. I have seen a video on youtube where a Jaguar is seen taking a crocodile out of water and killing him for food.

Jaguars are very dangerous animals, they can kill any animal no matter it is crocodile, ball pythons, anacondas and other larger animals their size.

People often confuse leopards and Jaguar, it is better to know the comparison and difference between Jaguar vs Leopard.

The jaguar hunts on the ground and sometimes it jumps from the tree to get its prey. It has a powerful jaw, which kills its prey and the sharp teeth, tears it apart. It kills with one crushing bite to the skull of its prey.

It swims in the water, streams or pools and plays and baths and even catches fish. Jaguars roar, which sounds like a deep cough.

Actually they are swift to give deathly blows to their prey. After the deathly blow, it crushes the skull of its   prey and sometimes it jumps upon its prey from the tree. It does not have the habit of surviving locality. That is why it is not kept in the zoo.

That is the reason they are not kept in the circus as well.