Wily Wiener Dog’s Brilliant Escape Plan Busted By Camera

Do you have a dog that’s too smart for their own good? One who often commits acts of mischievous brilliance that leave you scratching your head? Then you can relate to the Warwick family’s woes when it comes to containing wily wiener dog Darcie!

The trouble with Darcie began when her mom, Mary, would come home from work to find Darcie waiting in the window to greet her. A cute welcome for sure, but Darcie was supposed to be in the kitchen with her four canine siblings, a baby gate keeping them there. Confused about how the short-legged smartie was getting past the gate, Mary put up a camera, and a cute story was captured!


Smart Little Sausage

The video revealed brilliant Darcie using the tool for escape she had available, and that tool was her brother Benson, a three-year-old American Pocket Bulldog. As Benson is so tall, it’s quite simple for Darcie to clamber onto his back and make her leap!


And when we see Darcie make the hop over the gate, Benson looks toward the camera wearing a look of disbelief. Or one that proclaims, “I didn’t do anything! I was just standing here!”

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Another of the doggie hoard watching Darcie’s mischief wearing a look that says, “Someone is gonna get it, and it ain’t me!”


We watch as Darcie pulls off one successful escape in less than thirty seconds, but her second attempt shows us her trick of jumping on Benson’s back for escape purposes isn’t always successful. After all, how can you use your brother to hop over a gate if your brother isn’t standing near the gate? But her plan works often enough that Mary has had to get a taller gate, so Darcie stays put.


Trouble Equals Darcie

And Mary knows that of her five dogs, Doxie Darcie is the one who’s likely to be at the center of any trouble in the house, sharing, “She’s more mischievous than the other dogs; she’s like the ringleader.”


“Darcie’s the one that if there’s a toilet roll available, she’ll go and thread it. You can’t leave washing in the kitchen as she’ll pull all the clothes down,” shared Mary. “She’s just a little bit naughty.”

“Absolute monkey” Darcie is the only jailbreaker in the house. But Mary doesn’t doubt the others’ ability, saying, “The others probably could, but they just don’t.”

They’re the well-behaved furkids, and Darcie, “she’s just come along and completely ruined it.”

But who doesn’t love a cute little troublemaker? We sure do!

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Feature Image: Caters Clips/YouTube