The World’s Oldest Cat

In comparison, cats are much older than humans. Reported by International Cat Care, a cat’s age of 6 months is equal to 10 human years. Adult age in cats, which ranges from 3-6 years, means the same as 28-40 years of human age.

The American Association of Feline Practitioners argues that a cat’s first year of growth is equal to 15 human years. The second year, equal to 9 years, only after that can be equated with humans. That is, three cat years equal more than 24 human years.

Although the average age is only 15 years, these cats are proof that this one human pet can accompany you into old age. The following records the oldest cat in the world, as reported by A-Z Animals.

Rubble – 31 years old

Rubble is a Maine Coon cat that lives in Exeter, Devon, England. His pawrent, Michelle Foster, took good care of Rubble until he finally crossed the rainbow bridge after 31 years together.

On her 30th birthday, Rubble even threw a party filled with her favorite foods and a free doctor’s checkup. During his life, he lived with three other Persian cat breeds and became a little sensitive as he entered old age.

Tiger – 31 years old

Next, there is Tiger, the little ‘Tiger’. This cat owned by Robert Goldstein from Spring Grove, Illinois has a tabby motif with a ginger-like orange color. His hobby is unique, sitting on the hood of his pawrent’s car.

Tiger also only drank from the bathroom tub. His best friend is a pitbull who often gets ‘pats’ from Tiger to keep him quiet.

Sasha – 31 years old

Living in Newtownabbey, Ireland, Sasha went through quite a difficult time before finally meeting the pawrent Beth O’neil. He is found in a shared cage and antagonized by his terrier, Jack Russell. Sasha, who was thought to be 5 years old at the time, had a deformity on her left side. Possibly from being hit or kicked.

Beth took him home to live with his son. One of the oldest cats in the world is a true adventurer. He would often disappear for several days until he climbed the fence, only then spent time sunbathing in the garden.

Plucky Sarah – 31 years old

Life is not easy for Plucky Sarah, one of the oldest cats in the world. He was abandoned by his previous owner in 2002. Plucky Sarah later lived with Ms. Ford sadly once hit the cat.

For the rest of her life, Plucky Sarah lived very pampered in the Ford family home in Christchurch, New Zealand. The Fords rarely even left the house for fear of Plucky Sarah getting into trouble.

Wichien Waat – 34 years old

Wichien Waat first met the Wanna family as a kitten in front of their grandmother’s house. He was raised by a daughter who was then 3 years old.

Living in a house in a Thai orchard, Wichien Waat only gave birth once. He lived longer than his children. Wichien Waat was attacked by dogs twice before the end made it difficult for him to move.

Rexs Allen – 34 years 2 months

Granpa Rexs Allen was adopted by Jake Perry of the Humane Society of Travis Country (Texas) on January 16, 1970. At the end of the same year, Jake got a call from Madame Sulinaberg who claimed that Rex Allen had been his pet.